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         Marches by Wayne Smith have been used on the following programs:

         Men in Blazers Show
         The Little Couple
         Seriously Funny Kids
         The Tonight Show
         Touched by an Angel
         Cable TV Movie - Diary of a Politician
         History Channel - Save Our History - George Washington
         American Idol - Boston Auditions
         Simple Life
         Faking It
         Access Hollywood
         700 Club
         Clean House
         E! News Live
         Today Show
         Wild Weddings III
         Best Damn Sports Show Period
         College Football College Kickoff

I always enjoyed marching band music even when I was a young boy. My mother bought me a drum so I could be part of the drum and bugle corp at the elementary school. I played drums in a small rock band in the early sixties until I reached high school and then joined the Southern High School Concert and Marching band playing the trombone. Even after high school I continued with my music and studied piano and trombone at the Peabody Conservatory of Music. In the mid 1980's I started to arrange music for the brass and woodwind ensemble at my church and it was in the early 90's that I decided to compose my first march which was AMERICAN PATRIOT MARCH. So after I completed my first march composition I discovered that I had no one to play it because I needed many more musicians than the church band could provide. I called the Naval Academy Band director and asked him if I could bring my march to one of their band rehearsals for them to play. I was surprised when he agreed to my request. When I arrived at the band rehearsal the director passed around all of the parts and as soon as they started playing my march I was hooked. I was inspired to write more and started to record my music using musicians from the Army Field Band at Fort Meade Maryland. MAIN STREET MARCH was my first CD followed by SALUTE THE BAND and FOLLOW THE FLUTE. My marches have been used on many network and cable TV programs. Along with composing I also enjoy arranging music in the marching band format and have produced MARCHING HYMNS and CHRISTMAS BRASS CD's.

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